Free wXBL mining

Free wXBL Mining

At the core of the xBlast experience lies wXBL β€” the in-app token that fuels the vibrant ecosystem within the xBlast platform. Obtained through free mining available at Our Telegram Bot , wXBL serves as the lifeblood of our dApp ecosystem. As we continue to expand our dApp offerings, wXBL will play an instrumental role in driving engagement and fostering innovation.

How to mine wXBL

The mining process starts as soon as you create an account and get your first free wXBL when you click β€œClaim”. Below are the simple steps:

  1. Join t.me/xblastappbot/app to start (preferred using referral links for signing up).

  2. Complete the xBlast Captcha to prove you are human.

  3. Hit β€œClaim”.

After you have received your first wXBL the mining process starts, but it will stop when the Spaceship (storage) bar fills up.

Claim wXBL

The claiming function is completely free.

The default claiming time is set to 1 hour. Complete the daily missions for the 24hr claim. You now don't have to claim many times.

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