Refining Machine FAQs

1. Important Notes:

  • Alongside the machine's selling price in ETH, you must ensure you possess sufficient wXBL corresponding to the machine's capacity to proceed with the purchase of the refining machine.

  • The wXBL you input into the machine will undergo refinement into XBL at a 1:1 ratio, with the XBL tokens holding market value. This enables you to sell them, potentially earning a profit (subject to the prevailing XBL price).

  • During a purchase transaction, your wXBL will be held until the order is successfully completed. In case of overdue or unpaid orders, the wXBL will be refunded to your wallet.

  • Each account can only be linked to one wallet. It's imperative to maintain an active connection to Metamask throughout transactions by keeping the Metamask app open.

2. Refining Machine Purchase Instructions:

  • Connect your Metamask wallet to your account (please ensure this connection remains active and refrain from closing the Metamask app).

  • Choose the desired machine type and specify the quantity you wish to purchase. (Ensure you possess sufficient ETH or other token payments as well as enough wXBL).

  • Click "Build Now" to proceed to the payment page.

  • Select "Pay Now" and conduct the transaction via Metamask.

  • Complete the transaction and relish in your achievements.

3. Monitoring Machine Operations:

  • Each machine type displays your current number of machines.

  • You can track the amount of wXBL refined in each machine.

  • Upon completion of the refining process (i.e., when the input wXBL is fully refined), the machine will automatically cease operation.

  • All your refiners will channel the refined XBL into a unified tank. Simply press the "Claim" button to receive all your refined XBL without necessitating individual machine retrieval.

  • Machines that have completed the refining process will be concealed to streamline slot management for ease of use.

4. Instructions for connecting xBlastApp to Metamask mobile:

1. After clicking "connect" on the SpaceID page, you will be redirected to the Metamask wallet, and a window prompting you to connect the wallet will appear. Press "Connect" to proceed.

2. After connecting, you will be automatically redirected back to the application (Excluding iOS 17, you must manually switch to the xBlastApp.).

3. The application will display a popup requesting a signature. Press "Sign" to switch to Metamask for signing.

* Note: if you close the Metamask application, the xBlastApp will automatically disconnect from your Metamask wallet. When conducting transactions, the application will reconnect to Metamask. (Due to xBlast's security measures, it only maintains a connection with your wallet when you have Metamask mobile enabled.)

* To troubleshoot Metamask mobile not responding to requests from the xBlastApp, follow these steps:

1. Open the Metamask application and navigate to Settings.

2. Under the "Clear privacy data" section, press the "Clear privacy data" button.

3. Reopen the xBlastApp to retry the transaction or connect the wallet

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