Planet serves as a community, build your planet for extra mutual rewards

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In the expansive universe of xBlast, planets serve as the focal points of community and collaboration, offering players the opportunity to join existing communities or establish their own. With the Planet feature, players have the freedom to connect with like-minded individuals, forge alliances, and embark on shared adventures within the vastness of space.

Joining Existing Planets: Players have the option to join existing planets, each of which represents a unique community with its own distinct culture, goals, and opportunities. By joining an existing planet, players gain immediate access to a network of allies, resources, and support, enabling them to thrive and prosper within the xBlast ecosystem.

Creating Your Own Planet: For those seeking on becoming the leaders to carve out their own path in the cosmos, the option to create a new planet offers boundless possibilities. Players can establish their own planet, shaping its identity and guiding its growth as they see fit. Whether it's fostering a tight-knit community of explorers, establishing a bustling trading hub, or building a formidable military stronghold, the power to create and shape a planet lies in the hands of the players.

Planet owners with more than 5 members cannot leave their planet.

Referral Codes

Each planet within the xBlast universe is assigned a unique referral code, which players can use to invite others to join their planet. By sharing their referral code with friends, allies, and fellow adventurers, players can expand their planet's population, strengthen its influence, and unlock new opportunities for collaboration and cooperation.

Joining or creating a planet in xBlast opens up a world of possibilities for players, offering access to a thriving community, valuable resources, and endless opportunities for adventure and growth. Whether you're looking to join forces with others or strike out on your own, the choice is yours in the ever-evolving world of xBlast.

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