Planet Benefit: Community Token Redistribution

In the dynamic world of xBlast, communities thrive on collaboration and mutual support. To incentivize participation and foster a sense of collective ownership, xBlast introduces the Planet Benefit feature, designed to reward players for their contributions to the community.

wXBL Bonus for Planet Members

As an integral part of a planet, players are entitled to receive additional tokens every time they claim wXBL. This bonus amounts to an extra 5% of the tokens claimed and serves as a token of appreciation for the player's active involvement in the community.

The additional wXBL earned by planet members are automatically transferred to the Planet Fund, a centralized pool of resources dedicated to enhancing the quality of the community and its activities. The Planet Fund serves as a reservoir of wealth that is utilized to evaluate community quality and support initiatives that benefit all members.

Supporting Community Growth:

By contributing to the Planet Fund, players play a pivotal role in shaping the future of their community and ensuring its continued growth and prosperity. Whether it's funding community events, supporting infrastructure projects, or rewarding exceptional contributions, the Planet Fund serves as a catalyst for positive change within the community.

Redistribution of wXBL

At regular intervals, the wXBL accumulated in the Planet Fund are redistributed to players in the form of rewards and incentives. This redistribution ensures that the wealth generated by the community is shared equitably among its members, fostering a sense of fairness and camaraderie within the xBlast universe.

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